December 31, 2014

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October 28, 2013


      guest star: FSTVLST - ERWE Band - Nafasurban - and more
    Thursday, November 7th | at Auditorium UNY
    open gates: 3.30 pm
    festival: 20k | vip: 25k | available on the spot
    ticket box: Secretariat HIMATIKA FMIPA UNY | Unisi | Kedai 24 |
    Papiti | Cupajo | Movie Box (Seturan)
    ::50% profit for social activity::
    more info: @melody_uny | 089669923599 (Musyafa)

            "Semangat Beraksi, Indahnya Berbagi"
        Sabtu-Minggu, 16-17 November 2013
        Dusun Magerejo, Desa Ngalang, Kec Gedangsari, Gunung Kidul,

        Menerima sumbangan dalam bentuk:
        - Uang
        - Pakaian layak
        - Sembako/bahan makanan
        - Buku pelajaran; buku bacaan; buku tulis
        - Alat sekolah

       Sumbangan dapat disalurkan di Sekretariat HIMATIKA FMIPA UNY
       atau bisa kami jemput.
       Paling lambat 9 November 2013.

       Info: 085743818136 (Najib)


June 18, 2013

Refleksi Task Online 5

Title: Elegi Menggapai Kategori
By: Prof. Dr. Marsigit, MA

Of elegy above we can see that our knowledge consists of the categories. The category includes four issues of quantity, qualitative, relationships and modalities. Quantity category consists of three aspects, namely universal, particular, and singular. Category consists of qualitative aspects of affirmative, negative, and infinite. Relationship category also consists of three aspects, namely category, hypothetical, and the community. The last category is modality, consists of aspects of probability, asetorik, and mathematics.

All that things help us in developing our knowledge to be useful to ourselves and others.

Title: Elegi Menggapai Reduksi
By: Prof. Dr. Marsigit, MA

A reduction serves to simplify things so that there is no exaggeration in understanding it. Reduction helps us understand the properties of a thing in general. Such as the white-haired man said, that the reduction is a method of thinking that goes along with simplification and abstraction. In having an understanding of one thing, we should not use that knowledge lightly.

Title: Elegi Menggapai Tetap
By: Prof. Dr. Marsigit, MA

All things in this world has two properties, that is the nature of remain and the nature of changing. Remain definitely fixed, and change certainly changed. All things are definitely fixed dimension. Only Allah who has the absolute determination. Every thing also has its resolve each, there is the so-called fixed nature, the principles remain, remain, remain there, and others.

Title: Elegi Konferensi Kebenaran
By: Prof. Dr. Marsigit, MA

A truth it must be the basis for an action or thought. We rely on the truth as to the direction in which true knowledge. Truth is a really in truth, no false nor wrong. Truth is needed in all aspects of life. As well as the absolute truth of Allah. He was The All-True, Knowing The Truth.

Title: Elegi Konferensi Para Keliru
By: Prof. Dr. Marsigit, MA

As humans who has limitations, we certainly have made ​​mistakes, even often. Either mistaken in speaking, in hearing, in thinking, in the work, and so on. We should make the mistakes become a valuable lesson to do the same thing next day. We can make a mistake as a teacher undirectly, so that in the future we know what is right and wrong. So if it is wrong, then we will not repeat it again.

Title: Elegi Konferensi Para Beda
By: Prof. Dr. Marsigit, MA

Things that exist in this world would have been different. Although some things have differences of sight, so it looks almost the same, but we are sure that they will have a different. Difference and diversity exist almost in every aspect there is. In education, differences in the character of students is a challenge that must be faced by teachers. A difference should not be forced, should not be suppressed, can not be changed in order to be same. Let different still different, provided it remains on the right track. If these differences can be minimized, then we can do it. Make a difference to the strength and advantages.

Title: Elegi Konferensi Para Tepat
By: Prof. Dr. Marsigit, MA

As in Elegi Para Beda, every thing must have a minimum of a difference. So also with the remains. It still have sub categories remain which different from one another. There is remain of time, remain of choose, remain of command, and others.

Title: Elegi Konferensi Para Sama
By: Prof. Dr. Marsigit, MA

Everything is different, but there are times when it is close to the same, even can be said the same. One thing that is absolutely the same is our position in front of Allah. So, we should not feel the most different when it comes to the way Allah’s view.

Title: Elegi Konferensi Para Banyak
By: Prof. Dr. Marsigit, MA

An explanation of thought and sometimes be complex. It is true, humans have limitations in thinking. However, when Allah wills that we are allowed to understand a thing, then it certainly will happen. Such as the delivery of thought by a lot. We will be more able to understand that one is in fact not one, but one is one of the many members of the many. This stuff is what we need to reflect that knowledge we can growing.

June 13, 2013

Implementation of Character in English for Mathematics Education (Last Reflection)

This is the last reflection lecture in English lesson with Prof. Dr. Marsigit, MA. One semester has passed, lectures English has some message and note that given by Mr. Marsigit as a preparation for our present and future as a teacher of mathematics. This is english for mathematics education, so it's very important learning about english for mathematics education in order to be able to communicate mathematics education. Mathematics education not only consist of two words, that is mathematics and education, but also a determination, integrity, or a worldwide phenomenon and a complete and complicated in all aspects. There are many components and factors in the world of mathematics education, such as teachers, students, props, curriculum, and others.
During this English lecture, Mr. Marsigit convey his appreciation to us for the hard work in making our reflections. This reflection should continue to collect points. Although actually collecting points only as an intermediary, while the main goal that we used to write, to express the idea through hand-writing in english. Reflection also contains a message that is continuously learning, everytime, anytime. About the website and make our own reflections have a function that is to educate us. Though we will gets a Philosophy lecture and we will read Mr. Marsigit’s website again, but it will be different because this time we read it in the area of English. We also learn to express our opinions that are not under pressure. This is important, because the optimal learning is learning in an atmosphere of calm, happy, to be in the high motivation and without pressure. We were told to never be afraid of learning, may be allowed a few moment of fear, but do not let that fear control us. It would be better if we’re studying outside the classroom than studying in the classroom to reduce the negative effects of fear. Possible scary lecturers factor.
We need to know that everything is dimensionless. Dimension of science, dimension of water. For example, high levels of water will be steam, low levels of water will be ice. There is a high level of knowledge, there is a low level of knowledge. There are people who think a high level, there is also a low-level thinking. So does mathematics education. With a lot of reading articles of Pak Marsigit, then we are in sync and aligned in the lecture, because a lot of knowledge that given by Mr. Marsigit give through his article.
Mathematics for college is formal mathematics or can be said mathematics as a science. But the low mathematics is mathematics for children haas different definitions. For a child, science is an activity, not a definition. Never mind the kids, sometimes we had a lot of knowledge that can not be defined. An example is love. No one can define what love is, except scripture. Never mind the students, whereas we were not able to define the concept of long, short, big, small, far, near, and so on. Only people who are narrow-minded if they want to define everything. We must realize that the mathematics for young children is defined as an activity. School mathematics is an activity for patterns or relationships, problem solving activities, investigative activities, and communication activities. Notions about the concept of long, short, big, small, and so on can be obtained through intuition. We can not define what it was long, but we understand the concept of length. Then it is called intuition. In intuition, we do not know about when we understand a concept. Problem of studying mathematics for children in their school comes from adult people who does not understand. A child is innocent because the people who do not have the power is not guilty. Someone who has the power of the one who can be blamed, for example teachers and parents. So, do not blame the students who are not interested or who have low ability or lack of talent, because the behavior of the blame just as masks for adults to cover up his weaknesses.
Through the english there is the message delivered. Perhaps if only to learn grammar or tense would have been automatic. But because language is life, so the best way to learn is to imitate. Mimicking of those already expert in English, as native speakers, listening from video or audio. Do not study just one source, it's too monotonous.
Mr. Marsigit said that his problem as same as  another teacher problem, it is how to facilitate students. Serving of the many students can not use the traditional method. Using these methods will only hassles and unreliable. Fortunately, there is website that when Mr. Marsigit can not teach, we still can learn English through the internet. His english is not very structure. Because the life is not always systematic. That is the difference between the exact sciences and the humanities sciences. If we are not familiat, it will bother.
Innovative teacher task is how to facilitate the students. Student need to learn mathematics english. It should 'need' from students, there should be the need of the students. If there is no willingness from us, so the mountain of science in the right and left Mr. Marsigit’s shoulder only be in vain, there is no point because we like to escape. Similarly, if one day we became teachers, if we are to teach the principles of provision then it's just nonsense. However, if students are already aware, please, and a little motivated so the students will be looking for by themselves. They will ask again. So a lot of theories related to mathematics education, then let us have principles. If we do not have the principle so our life will oscillate. Same with learning theory, if in this case we do not have principles, we will not know which one synchronous learning theory, which is innovative. Moreover, if we write a thesis as a final project we have to spell out the basic theory. Theoretical basis that must be in sync.
Consciously or unconsciously we are building a community of our world, the world community to build English with Mr. Marsigit as lecturers. Because this is a world, then we must be comprehensive in looking at education. We have to see from many sides, not only partial. The only solution is a lot of reading, so we have a lot of insight. When we get to the concept of the nature or essence, when people had read a lot and learn, then that person has the same nature. Everyone has their own nature, so there are the nature of subjective and objective nature. Subjective nature should be through interaction, one of them with a lot of reading. If we do not read much, then we would essentially displaced others, then its name tossed around. We will not know the developments that happen out there.
Have the establishment is when we write a scientific paper, writing paper all theory doesn’t put together at random. For example about psychology. Back when people still primitive way is to use psychological testing animals, for example dogs. When dogs are given food, it will come out saliva. That was the stimulus response. Today, psychology stimulus response is no longer appropriate. If in the context of the lecture, we are not only affected by the Mr. Marsigit of our whole life. When Mr. Marsigit provide stimulus with A, not always we will respond with B, the response would different depend on every student. So that when the teacher makes certain stimulus to the students, the students do not necessarily provide an appropriate response to what the teacher expected. Nowadays it is unpredictable era, the era which are difficult to estimate. Then the stimulus response method is no longer appropriate. Such methods have been replaced with the appropriate. Unpredictable era has characteristics which many unexplainable events. The only solution is to access as much information, then filtered with our religion.
Similarly, in the English is how the values ​​of the character can be developed. If we want to explore the characters are at least 3 levels. The first is the character for ourself, the lowest character, which is good only for ourself. If we want to improve our character, then we have to think either that apply to others as well. And if we want to increase it again, then we can contribute to the good of the institutional or networking. Our kindness will flow to all parts of the world. Be the dean, be president, and so on. Due to the kindness of a leader will be more distributed than just being a member.
English can be considered formally and informally. As formal that is exams in the lecture, but may informally through english course. From now we've had to target the TOEFL score. Life is getting harder for many people who were also enrolled as us. Even more difficult to be a professor. To become a lecturer now we should have S2 title. Finding a job is not easy. Life is a competition. 80% effort our fate is determined by the ability of the English language. So Mr. Marsigit hopes we have 550 for TOEFL score. TOEFL is a reflection of the frequent reading experience. Moreover, as a young people we have high memory. In addition, high intelligence. People who have high intelligence can be seen from ressistance when they are thinking. So when they think constantly, he did not feel tired. However, another theory says that people who get bored also a creative person.
Some other message that Mr. Marsigit tell to us is we ought to learn to use learning resources that we can dug up anywhere and anytime. The lecture should be dynamic. During college do not monotonic in the studying method. The trick is to keep changing the way learning, try until it feels right. Moreover, the concept of this lecture is to communicate mathematics in english. Universal big problem for all people who has experienced is accountability. We are trusted by anyone and by anything. And we also believe to anyone and to anything. Example of accountability, that we are trusted by our parents that our parents sent money every month. As another example, we believe Mr. Marsigit, we believe the faculty, we believe the university so that's why we follow all these lectures. We must train and learn basic pronunciation. This is an important thing needed in speaking.
So accountability is everything. God also see how we worship, accountable or not. One time a teacher will always be asked accountability. One of the teachers who have high accountability is a japanese person, because the way of teaching can be watched all over the world. Education in Indonesia does not have a scheme like that, so Indonesia has the low accountability. Accountable characteristic is transparent, in addition to the rules of the game are also evident. At least one expert who accompanied.

Mr. Marsigit hope that we can continue to make reflections as well as collection points for training in order to educate ourselves respectively.

Reflection Task via Online 4

Title: Elegi Persiapan Raja Purna
By: Prof. Dr. Marsigit, MA

Be a king or a leader is not easy. They have a big mandate. It should not be abused a position of a leader with absolute power. No one is perfect, perfection belongs only to Allah. So, we should not be arrogant and arbitrary. Indeed human beings are perfect, but the greatest power is had by God Almighty.

Title: Elegi Menggapai Hakekat
By: Prof. Dr. Marsigit, MA

Every person has their own nature, and how to find the nature of each person is different. One of them was with a lot of reading. To read, we learn. To learn, we know. To know, we will understand a thing with it own nature. An understanding of the nature of also formed based on experience and age. Because the faithful towards maturity stage of our lives, we must be getting something in our understanding.

Title: Elegi Menggapai Dimensi
By: Prof. Dr. Marsigit, MA

All things certainly dimensionless. Stones, plants, animals, humans, science, water, and others. And they have each power of their dimensions. Allah gives us the strength and ability in accordance with what we should have. He bless us with all His power. Our usefulness dependi on how we manage our capacity for the things that lead to goodness. Each thing has its each benefits. Only conscientious and knowledgeable one who can make a thing to be a blessing.

Title: Elegi Menggapai Kenyataan
By: Prof. Dr. Marsigit, MA

Reading elegy above, I am actually still looking for an understanding of reality. In my opinion, the reality is an event, an action, a fact. Reality is not just an idea. The reality is what has gone and is going. Time which we haven't been through can not be claimed as an accomplished fact. Example, if the current reality we are stupid, not necessarily tomorrow we are still stupid.
Every fact is the destiny that Allah has set for us. However, there is destiny that we can change with our effort. So, do not give up on a bad reality.

Title: Elegi Menggapai Lengkap
By: Prof. Dr. Marsigit, MA

I strongly agree with Lengkap’s statement: " Itulah sebenar-benar dirimu. Manusia itu pada hakekatnya terbatas dalam semua hal."
Humans do have limited capabilities. Only Allah who has the greatest power. Therefore we should not be arrogant. Especially ask the full completeness. The same case with people who can not be thankful with what Allah has given. Sometimes what we want is not what we need. Then learn to be thankful. Do not be a person who likes to ask a lot and insular.

Title: Elegi Menggapai Mengada dan Pengada
By: Prof. Dr. Marsigit, MA

I can conclude from the debate between 'ADA', 'MENGADA', and 'PENGADA' that is in life we will never stop fighting. Life is a struggle, an effort that constantly forces us to achieve our dream. As humans, we have a sense of who is never satisfied. In positive terms, a sense that was never satisfied must be developed. For example, is never satisfied in look for the knowledge, then we will continue to seek knowledge as much as possible. However, keep in mind that the taste is never satisfied is a desire that we must protect that does not reveal the badness.

May 5, 2013

Futsal HIMATIKA Cup season 3

HIMATIKA FMIPA UNY proudly presents...Untuk kamu-kamu mahasiswa matematika atau statistika se DIY-Jateng, segera daftarkan tim futsal kamu ikutan FUTSAL HIMATIKA CUP SEASON 3!!! Sebuah kompetisi futsal khusus untuk cowok-cowok yang merasa keren dan tangguh. Pertandingan berlangsung selama dua hari yang akan menjadi hari tak terlupakan buat kalian yang ikut berpartisipasi yaitu 18 - 19 Mei 2013. Lokasi tempur yaitu di TELAGA 2 Condongcatur Yogyakarta. Hanya dengan modal IDR 150.000/team!!! Pendaftaran dibuka dari tanggal 17 April - 11 Mei 2013. Technical meeting berlangsung pada hari Sabtu, 11 Mei 2013 di gedung D01 FMIPA UNY. Yuk segera daftar! Jangan sampai ketinggalan, kuota terbatas lohhh...

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